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Big ass Wing Cakes @ Max’s Wine Dive

Alison Cook recommends a visit to Max’s Wine Dive for brunch on Sunday in her blog today. A few weeks ago I did just that and had a surprisingly great time (crap service be damned), courtesy of an absurdly large serving of the Wing Cakes.

The Wing Cakes are Max’s take on classic chicken and waffles – fried chicken wings atop a massive serving of pancakes. The wings are not seasoned or fried quite as well as the chicken at Breakfast Klub or the sadly departed Fusion Cafe, but they are quite good.

The real attraction here are the exceptional griddle cakes. Despite their enormous size (the photo hardly captures their mammoth dimensions) they are fluffy, yet moist enough to stand up to fried chicken and maple syrup. I hogged the chicken for myself, but everyone at the table received a big slice of the griddle cakes and I still had about 1/3 of the dish left behind when I was done.

Awesome stuff.

Fried chicken wings served atop pillows of fresh griddle cakes
with butter and Canadian maple syrup

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March 29, 2008   1 Comment