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Will Houston chefs finally infiltrate ‘Top Chef’?

Yesterday Alison Cook mentioned that Bryan Caswell was in New Orleans trying out for the next season of Top Chef. Turns out he was not the only Houston chef at the tryouts.

Brett Anderson provides a few more details and it appears that at least one more Houston chef – presumably Randy Evans from Brennans of Houston – was at Bayona to throw his hat in the ring yesterday.

I think both Caswell and Evans have more than enough talent to be in the top of the echelon of competitors, should they make it onto the next season. Randy Evens already has an impressive record of winning in a tough competitive field, taking the top prize in the Great American Seafood Cook-Off held annually in New Orleans and judged by prominent New Orleans chefs with his Wild Caught Texas Shrimp and Biscuits and Gravy recipe.

The Shrimp and Biscuits dish is still the menu at Brennans and is a wild combination of Southern and Creole flavors. If that’s a sign of what Evans can do in a competition, Houston might just take Top Chef by storm next season.

Here’s to hoping both chefs have enough "personality" to satisfy the producers.

April 16, 2008   6 Comments