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Cure for Passover blues

Ask your Jewish friends about Passover and you’ll see a grimace of pain wash over their face. Seven solid days of mandated Atkins regiment (yes, ancient Hebrews were doing crash diets some 3,000 years before they were cool) means almost all sweets are off limits.

There just isn’t much you can do without flour, so the dessert selection at grocery stores that stock Passover supplies is abysmal. Even at Three Brothers Bakery, where I worked for years in high school, we had few things that qualified as an actual dessert for Passover.

A few days ago I noticed this sign at the Dessert Gallery that should solve the problem in a spectacular way, at least for people willing to bend the rules a little bit:


While not quite Kosher (hence the Passover style disclaimer), this stuff should clear the bar for people content with staying away from leavened breads and flours. The full list includes something like 7-9 desserts, which look far better than anything I have come across in the past.

Now you just need to figure out how to make flourless pizza dough and swineless pepperoni, but you’re on your own there.

April 18, 2008   3 Comments