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Scott Tycer making a comeback with Textile

Apparently Scott Tycer has had enough of my whining.

A Chronicle story today about a new location for Krafts’men Baking in the old Oriental Textile Mill building in the Heights has a brief aside about his new restaurant, set to launch this summer:

Tycer also plans to open a restaurant there called Textile, which will employ about 18 people. Set to open in July, Textile will serve "technique-driven" French-American food, similar to the cuisine at Aries, with more affordable wine prices.

Two of the best restaurant spaces I have visited lately are Anchor & Hope and Orson in San Francisco. Both successfully blend the character of the old buildings they occupy with modern design elements with rather striking results.

IMG_6380 IMG_6430
Orson, San Francisco

Judging by this crappy photo of the Oriental Textile Mill, Textile the restaurant has a ton of potential. Plus, it will be away from the Washington strip madness. Major plus.


Oriental Textile Mill

May 17, 2008   2 Comments