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Another photo set from Feast

It may seem that I eat at Feast almost every day, but that’s not exactly true. Feast just happens to capture my attention the way few restaurants do.

Here’s another set of pictures from a recent lunch at Feast:

Chicken Livers – these got a mark of approval from my friend who grew up in Eastern Europe, where people consume their fair share of chicken livers. I had a taste and thought they were great, especially offset by the plump raisins; a pairing I have never had before. If I could change one thing about it would be serving the livers slightly more rare, rather than medium. I know most people completely lose it when they think about undercooked poultry, but I rarely allow USDA recommendations to ruin my meals.

Pork Spleen – The only dish I have ordered at Feast that disappointed me. I had no idea spleen was even edible and just could not resist ordering it. To my surprise spleen really doesn’t have a very distinctive flavor on it’s own, which may have been the problem. The bright yellow apples provided some sweetness and a crunchy texture, so if the spleen was seasoned a bit more aggressively it would have been a fantastic dish. Still, how often do you find spleen on the menu?

Braised Oxtails – Feast executes braised meats better than any restaurant in Houston, and this was no exception. The roasted, almost charred zucchini slices were one of the best parts of the dish and made me wish that more vegetables and greens in general appeared in the Feast dishes.

Stuffed Trout – by the time the trout hit the table I was wishing that I had ordered it instead. Rather than a serve a boring filet, this was a masterfully dressed down whole fish stuffed with something really delicious that I cannot remember at this point. From presentation to flavor, it was a truly striking preparation unlike any I have seen before.

I have heard from a friend that a skate wing was another standout dish at Feast, so I am starting to think that I am missing out by sticking to meat dishes and obscure organ meats. I think I am going to hit the seafood side of the menu on my next visit.

May 21, 2008   4 Comments