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Cloak and dagger eating

Paris is so jam packed with restaurants and extraordinary chef talent that anything that breaks status quo instantly catches fire. Last year Spring, a tiny 16 cover restaurant run by a young American chef (faint, die), was the hottest reservation in town.

This year the American trend is still going strong, but the momentum shifted to bistronomique restaurants – casual spots with high end cuisine at moderate prices and no fuss. Ze Kitchen Gallerie, despite being open for 8 years now and recently earning it’s first Michelin star, is an example in Paris. Not to be outdone, Graham Elliot Bowles left Avenues earlier in the year to open his own "bistronomic" spot – the first in Chicago.

So, what’s more exclusive than a hole in the wall and subversive bistronomique outpost? Underground, invitation only dinners. Suck on that.

The Hidden Kitchen is the new hotness in Paris. It’s exclusive. It’s subversive. It’s run by Americans. You don’t even know where you’re going until the day before the dinner.

No, you don’t need to go to Paris to be trendy and cool. Randy Rucker, the local renegade chef badboy, is doing a secret dinner right here in Houston. He’s subversive.  He’s never seen a food trend he hasn’t liked. And he’s from Tomball.

It should be a lot of fun. I am going. More information here.

June 13, 2008   2 Comments