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POD: Pork Belly @ Lilette (New Orleans)

Today’s photo comes from a question asked on the Houston Chowhounds mailing list about Lilette in the Garden District of New Orleans as a potential site of a special occasion dinner.

I stopped by Lilette about a year ago and while it’s not a restaurant I’d choose for an epic meal you will remember for the rest of your life, it was one of the best French bistros I have come across last year. Lilette a perfect lunch stop before a walk through dozens of antique stores on Magazine street or a quiet dinner away from French Quarter madness at night.

braised pork belly with tomato, cucumber, basil salad

My friends weren’t that enthusiastic about their lunch selections, but I loved my braised pork belly, which had spent some quality time under a broiler. More impressive still were the immaculate cucumbers and tomatoes that tasted as if they had come directly from the field and had never seen the inside of a fridge. Sometimes a simple dish with perfect ingredients is better than an overwrought culinary creation and this seems to be what Lilette does best.

Desserts were simple, classically French and very well done (try the poached pears). About as good as lunch gets, overall.

February 3, 2009   5 Comments