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Lunch at Feast (Houston)

If you’re ever in Houston, Feast should be one of the restaurants at the top of your list. For the level of cooking the place is a bargain, especially at lunch or if doing a tasting menu, which clocks in at mid-$50’s. But the real draw is the food, for which there is still no analog anywhere in US. This is British food through the Ferguson Henderson prism and on a good day it can be unbelievably good. Today was one of those days. The lineup:

  • Exmoore toasts
  • Brawn and piccalilli
  • Bone marrow, parsley salad
  • Suet crusted tongue and brain pie, bubble and squeak

It was a real pleasure to see James Silk back in Houston. Feast never stopped being Feast in his absence, but it’s a better place with Richard, Megan and James at the helm.

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September 16, 2011   4 Comments